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    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."--Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Sunday, November 05, 2006
    Brother, Where Art Thou?

    It is often said that the same stories are simply repeated over and over, and we have no truly new or unique plotlines.  Indeed this is true, and is not a mark against one's lack of creativity, but rather it is a testament to ability of the story kidnap us into its inter-weavings over and over again. 

    One such story, oft repeated, is that of lovers kept apart for reasons outside themselves.  Shakespeare showed us with Romeo and Juilet, who were in fact sex-craving idiots and are not to be held in esteem.  While many us this play as an epitome of true love and therefore a standard against which others are to be compared.  The story, instead is an illustration of how rash judgement rules and wisdom is abandoned.

    There is a lesson we can learn from this.  While it is foolish to uphold human habits and faults to an entirely logical scheme, it is also foolish to think or assume that humans also operate solely on emotions, or whatever fancy strikes them in the moment.

    Because most of us have difficulty integrating the processes of emotions and logic, we are doomed to face faults.  There is an optimism to be found here, however, and it is that we can learn from our mistakes.

    Insanity is oft described as "repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results".   God, our Creator, in his wisdom and love for us (which indeed is the perfect blend of logic of emotions) gave us logic, gave us love, fear, happiness, and even wariness, so that we might learn from Him, learn from one another, and learn from ourselves.  Neglecting to do any of these things results not only in God's disappointment, but also leaves us feeling empty and trodden over.

    The human has also often one of exploration and building.  We would not have skyscrapers without the architectual achievements of the Egyptians and their pyramids.  We would not have high speed internet if no one had invented the telephone.  These ideas illustrate that we learn from the past so that we can better prepare and make a more gratifying future.

    In short, some mistakes should not be repeated, sometimes other people are right and you are wrong.  Put your trust in the right places before you fly in the wrong direction on a course that has no return route. 

    I hope you've learned from this.


    Currently listening to:
    How To Save A Life
    By The Fray

    Posted at 18:02 by Smo

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006
    The Plan

    I finally met with an advisor today about my degree and impending graduation.  The skinny:  I will graduate next fall, and then begin my graduate school (most likely at Marshall), and afterwards I'll move on to my doctorate training.  It's a lot more school, but so worth it.  Who wants to work for a living when they could go to school?

    Tonight I'll be watching 30 Rock, 20 Good Years, and The Biggest Loser.   Let's see what happens.



    Posted at 19:01 by Smo

    Friday, October 27, 2006
    Off and Running!

    So I finally have the internet in my apartment.  Very awesome.  I will probably not update much here, but I will be trying to get my other blog up and running (http://smosmovies.blogdrive.com/) here soon.  To be reviewed:  anything with Hugh Laurie in it.  I'll dispel the suspence now by saying, yes, it will get 10/10.

    In other news, I'm off to see The Prestige here soon, well, at least whenever Alycia calls me.

    Also, Christmas gift season has commenced and I'm knitting like an old lady in a sweat shop disguised as an assissted living facility (which isn't funny because that stuff actually happens).

    And lastly, I urge all of you to pray for our troops and our political leaders.  Regardless of your party affiliation (or lack thereof) or stance on issues, these men and women need our prayers and the guidance of God in their lives. 


    Currently listening to:
    How To Save A Life
    By The Fray

    Posted at 17:31 by Smo

    Saturday, April 29, 2006
    Sound off.

    President Bush, being the eloquent and improvisationally gifted speaker that he is, denounced the release of "The Star Spangled Banner" recorded in Spanish.  Here's the brief skinny.  A few Latino artists/producers collectively put together a quite moving and passionate rendition of o ur nation's gorgeous anthem.

    What I am truly here to say, however, is not anything against our Commander in Chief, but rather just to say that I find it hard to fathom that this song is controversial.  As is widely known, the US's Latino (Hispanic) population is growing at an alarming rate, and if these corporate cronies want to keep their gardeners and maid on the payroll but off the record, then they better well accept the fact that, hey, some people speak Espanol.

    As applicable this is to the larger issue of immigration, I would rather demonstrate its similarity to the overall arrogance of Americans and the Western World at large.  While many countries, including Denmark, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, require their children to begin learning English at an early age, Americans whine at having to fulfill collegiate requirements of foriegn language (though we will note that I'm relieved to have completed my Latin (which is not to be confused with Laino)education).

    We need to step away from our largely ethno-centric view of the world.  While many of us admit empathy and sadness over the trials and tragedies of other nations, but we don't sympathize.

    I'm not making sense anymore.  Good night.

    Posted at 00:12 by Smo

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    Bear With Me for a Moment

    This probably won't make sense to anybody but me. 

    Boy talks in Blue.  Girl talks in Green.


    "With that attentive courtesy he bent
    Over his instrument;
    Not as a lordly conqueror who could
    Command both wire and wood,
    But as a man with a loved woman might,
    Inquiring with delight
    What slight essential things she had to say
    Before they started, he and she, to play."



    "I first heard your voice from an airplane....I wanted to hang up or politely say goodbye and then change my number and never answer the phone again until I knew you were dead.  But you kept saying things I wanted to hear, like that a window might as well be a wall but thank God for fish tanks and bottles."


    "the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:"

    "I can't help thinking that I might just be putting my feelings away  rather than facing them head-on."



    "She stares up at the stars when
    The stars fell from her hair then
    I bent down to collect them
    And then she was gone"

    "along the brittle treacherous bright streets
    of memory comes my heart,singing like
    an idiot,whispering like a drunken man

    who(at a certain corner,suddenly)meets
    the tall policeman of my mind.



    "I try to clear my head, there you are instead.  Hello."

    Currently listening to:
    Indian Summer
    By Carbon Leaf

    Posted at 20:46 by Smo

    Friday, March 10, 2006
    Surf's up.

    I just found this awesome forum www.nohomers.net for the Simpsons.  It will totally feed my novice obsession.

    Also, I'm knitting a scarf and a hat over the weekend while watching M*A*S*H obsessively as well.  The wheels are in motion for summer school, I just need to get my financial aid in order (which is a pretty big wheel to get turning).  Spring break is next week and I only have blue skies until then.

    The weather turned so called "nice" this week, i.e. sunshine and warmth.  I'm kind of bummed out because a)I hate being hot and b) spring, fall, and summer always remind me of band.  I like winter, when I can live in oblivian.

    Movie crew coming to Marshall soon.  I feel myself expectantly swooning over David Stratharin, not those Matthew characters.

    Also must reccomend pandora.com, which plays awesome music catered specifically to my tastes.  It's commercial free and super-cool b/c they have both Guster and the Finn Brothers in the database. 

    A week from now and I'll be typing this at home, God-willing.

    Posted at 16:18 by Smo

    Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    So I take a stance on something and no one comments?  What am I, woman in Congress?  Thanks a lot guys.

    Posted at 23:30 by Smo

    Monday, January 30, 2006
    James Frey Should be Acquitted

    Tim O'Brien is a Vietnam War veteran who wrote about his time in Nam in a collection of books.  One of his most moving, and most popular, The Things They Carried, contains a chapter entitled "How to Tell a True War Story".   O'Brien trudges intracacies of story-telling, describing how it all gets jumbled in the remembering, in the telling, in the explaining.

    In his novel, O'Brien's characters are real people, in real situations.  Some die, some live, but the outcome on paper doesn't always correspond with the outcome on O'Brien's memory.  No one's chiding him, though, not for this round at least.

    Now this Frey dude is under fire because he tweaked some information in his own freakin' memior.  I haven't read the book, don't plan to read the book simply because I don't get into post-modernism and I'm not allowed to read non-academic books (see Marshall Handbook pp. 123-137).

    But, the accuracy of his writing doesn't change the weave.  I mean, the guy could be some preppy tie-wearing gay Republican, and if he could write something that spoke to this many people (the outrage only demonstrates the book's influence), then gosh-darn, he's a good weaver, er, writer.  Anything that gets this generation reading is awesome, and I'll stand by that (unless it's anime pig porn or something).

    And if we're going to take some idiot on a live broadcast couch-ride to humiliation hell, why not take the White House Cabinet on PBS filmed documentary wherin they tell us when in the world our Moms and Dads are coming home and why they went in the first place.

    Uninformed and kickin' corporate butt,




    Posted at 23:14 by Smo

    Friday, January 20, 2006
    crew It, I'm Typing a Poem

    I have no Greek god or
    giant edifice for my metaphors
    about love and such.
    (I was
    in love once, a love
    spurned by taciturn ways and
    others whose souls were more (bea)u(t)if(u)l
    than mine.

    dangerous game.
    Take two entities, making them seem as one, then
    it apart so that the foil is more
    I don't want to waste
    my time
    in this theme of conscious literary terms
    (which hurt the writing)
    "There's a repitiion"
    "You stole that from Dickenson"
    "Everyone writes in free verse"

    Why write what they've already
    Ignore the words.  Forget my teachings
    Don't be, become. 


    Posted at 23:47 by Smo

    Thursday, January 19, 2006
    Blank Verse

    John Mayer spoke of his quater-life crisis in his debut single.  While I'm not quite ready to run through the halls of my high school or scream at the top of my lungs, I'm not quite ready to do anything else either.

    I can't write anymore, but I want to, oh, how I want to.  The words will not come, there is no fluidity or communication to the diction I need.

    Do not think that I plan to stop, or fear that I will.  Yet do not selfishly despair when my writing is drab, dull, without form, without content.

    no witty phrases, no halting revalations, no wit-filled words for today's ecstasy.


    Posted at 23:27 by Smo

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